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About Professional Safari Africa

Professional safari Africa (PSA) is one of the best tour operators in Tanzania that offers a bespoke matchless Safari in Tanzania. Whether you are coming to Tanzania for a wildlife, Mount climbing, honeymoon, cultural or any other safari; we are experienced enough to offer you the best travel services beyond the ordinary. Our company is composed of knowledgeable tour guides who were born and raised in Tanzania; all our guides are certified, and they have exceptional abilities beyond the normal standards of tour guides. Our itineraries cover all the known tourists’ attractions in Tanzania and we are always more than willing to customize an itinerary according to our clients’ needs….

What is a safari?

A safari is an opportunity to observe wild animals in natural settings. The word “safari” means “journey, trip” in Swahili. In the past, “going on safari” meant hunting, but now hunting is banned in Kenya, so a safari today is a short trip (2-5 days) through the wilderness, through the national parks, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature and see exotic animals.

In their home country of Kenya, safaris usually take place as off-road vehicle or small bus rides through the national parks. Since such trips last more than one day, tourists stay overnight in various lodges and campsites. In one day you can make several trips on safari. Some parks are equipped with terraces for observing the nightlife of animals. Only in limited areas of reserves are tourists allowed to hike through special areas accompanied by guides.

How to dress for a safari

Since safari participants are practically close to the animals, it is necessary to choose quiet colors for clothing. Sandy, light khaki, gray and olive tones are best. Monochrome versions of clothing, without bright patterns, are preferred. Animals can react to smells, so perfume and cologne is better not to use.
On safari you will need comfortable shoes – sneakers, boots, T-shirt, shorts with pockets. Do not forget the sunscreen and sunglasses. In the evening and at night it is better to change into pants or jeans and a light jacket with long sleeves. And also use a mosquito repellent.

Rules of conduct on safari

Your ranger guide will tell you the basic rules of conduct on site, but it’s better to know a few things in advance.

  • – On safari you must strictly follow the guide’s instructions.
  • – You must not get out of the car outside the equipped areas.
  • – You can’t make any sudden movements, waving your hands and stick them out of the windows.
  • – Feeding the animals is strictly forbidden.
  • – All deviations from the route must be agreed with the guide and can be made if it is allowed in this area.
  • – When observing animals, do not block the view of other hikers on terraces or cars on the road.
  • – Watch the noise level of your vehicle and group. Animals don’t like harsh noises, and a running motor can be an obstacle to getting them as close as possible.
  • – When getting out of the car, look carefully around and under your feet. It’s better to stop in the wind, the animals won’t smell you and will behave naturally.
  • – Do not force animals to change their spots for the beauty shot. As you continue your journey, wait until the animals stop paying attention to you.
  • – Do not disturb the ecology of the parks. It is unacceptable to scatter trash, tear and dig up plants, pick up rocks, and more.

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